Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Organizing Revolution—The Kitchen

This week I tackled the kitchen, hoping to get more organized in the place I spend a lot of time in each day.  Let me show you what I was able to cross off my list.

These cupboards house my food storage containers and baking essentials.  I love having my mixer attachments handy. 

These OXO containers will not stay here on the counter.  I wanted to show you what I am in the process of doing with some of our pantry products. 

Most of the labels are black, with the exception of very dark things, like chocolate chips.  Do we really need two chocolate chip containers?  In this house, with lovers of Muddy Buddies and many things chocolate, we do!

My flour, sugar, etc. will go in these red Rubbermaid containers.  I need to get one more large container and order some more labels.  I love that my main ingredients are stored in the same cupboard as my measuring cups and bowls.

My spices are kept in this narrow cupboard between my microwave and fridge. 

You can see that it just misses the edges, and spins so I have access to any spice.  I alphabetized my spices to find them even more quickly.

Here’s a peek at my pantry.  It is NOT organized yet.  Plus, I took a recent trip to Costco and crammed stuff where it would fit.  What I wanted to show you is there are not many canned foods in here. 

I keep this in my garage (there just isn’t room in my kitchen or pantry).  I put the cans in the top row of each section, and they roll down to the next row.  That is where I grab a can from.  I love that it rotates my cans so that we are always using the oldest cans first.  Nothing gets forgotten or goes bad with this system.

It also comes with magnetic labels, which I love.  There are also some blank ones that I can write on.  I thought I would use vinyl on the blank ones for two reasons: it will look nice, and I can change it if I ever decide to. 

I hope to one day get a system that rotates only #10 cans (for our long-term food storage), but that’s not in our budget right now.

Lastly, since I’ve mostly shown you food, here’s a peek at our dish cupboard.  The top shelf holds sippy cups, straws, and lids, and our lesser-used mugs.  I like having the kids’ bowls, plates, and cups together because it reduces visual clutter while still allowing easy access to them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour through my kitchen.  There is still work to do, but isn’t there always?  I’ve loved getting these things crossed off my list!

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  1. Thanks for the tour! that rack for your canned goods is really terrific. Love your labeled jars - so cheerful and helpful